RaymondXylonClamons Ray is a architect, builder and musician, passionate about strengthening a sustainable community through architecture, landscape design and educational events. His companies Xylon Designs and Natural Building Works incorporate his many passions specializing in Sustainable Architecture, Water Harvesting Landscapes, Natural Building and Permaculture. Ray holds a bachelors of Architecture from the University of Arizona and is a certified LEED Green Associate, Sustainable Building Adviser and certified in Permaculture Design. Rammed Earth has been his obsession for the past 5 years as he has built and taught workshops in an around Tucson, Arizona. He was a key member of the Tucson Emerging 2030 District efforts, and an active member of the community.  In addition to all this he also can be found playing drums with his father Randy Clamons in Tucson's Grateful Dead Tribute band Top Dead Center.

XylonDesigns specializes in Designing, Permitting and Constructing BUILDINGS of the Earth utilizing Natural Building Materials and Sustainable and low/no toxin materials & methods. We take a building from Design, Permits & Construction Management with Sustainability as a top priority each time.   Each building is unique and deserves individual attention to become the wonderful place it needs to be. Our dedication to sustainability holds true to each building be it a small or large as we include strategies that meet high standards like the Living Building Challenge.  We put in the effort up front to ensure a healthy and resilient future. 

XylonXeriscape offers WATER HARVESTING LANDSCAPES including Design, Installation & Spray Free Maintenance.  We understand that the land surrounding your building plays an important role when it comes to your building's energy consumption.  One of the most important Natural Building Materials on your property are the plants in your landscape. As we consider your building's needs we also take into account how vegetation can improve your quality of life creating edible landscapes while implementing Graywater re-use and Rainwater Harvesting Strategies. Water Catchment & Water Conservation is a top priority.

Xylon​ Zen Gardens are places for serenity and peace.  These are beautiful places built for meditation and introspective thought, where one's mind can ponder and one's soul can wonder.  Xylon Zen Gardens offers an Elementary school curriculum where students design and build a Zen Garden on campus while learning patience, tolerance and tranquility.